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A Guide To Your Family Law Questions

Few experiences in life create as much emotional turmoil as the dissolution of one’s marriage. It impacts your relationship with your children, finances and property. During such times, knowing your rights can ensure a fair distribution of assets, child and/or spousal support, as well as custody and visitation of your children. Finding someone who can provide advice and direction during such an emotional period is invaluable. One cannot be expected to navigate through such issues on their own.

With over 18 years of experience handling family law cases, I can provide you with options and tell you what you can expect during the process and aid you in preparing your case.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer For Divorce?

The stress of a divorce can oftentimes cloud one’s judgment. A divorce proceeding touches upon too many important issues and can have lasting effects on one’s life once the proceedings end. While you are not required to seek the aid of an attorney to represent you, you should carefully consider the decision of handling such matters on your own.

Here are why countless soon-to-be divorcees have asked for my assistance:

  • Negotiations — It can be hard to remain levelheaded when you are filled with emotions. I am a skilled negotiator who can help you reach an amicable solution drama-free.
  • Organization — You will need to keep records of things such as prenuptial agreements, financial statements, custody and alimony agreements. I can help you stay organized.
  • Knowledgeable representation — Your spouse will likely hire their own attorney. You want to hire a lawyer with experience who can protect your interests and even the playing field.

Can My Child Decide Where They Want To Live?

The courts will certainly consider your child’s preference regarding where they wish to reside. Ultimately, however, the decision will be left up to the judge. They will review the information you submit to determine the custody arrangement that would be in the child’s best interests.

There are a range of factors that will be reviewed to determine what would be in the child’s best interests. Ultimately, the courts encourage parents to come to their own agreement regarding custody and visitation of their children. When the court does intervene, it seeks to ensure that each parent is able to exercise regular contact with their children.

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