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A Fresh Start Begins With Expungement

At the Law Office of Eric T. Hamilton, in Visalia, I bring more than 20 years of experience to bear in fighting to protect those with criminal law issues, including people who may be eligible for expungement of a criminal record. As your attorney, I will personally handle all matters related to your case, never turning you over to an associate, a paralegal or a secretary. I understand how important it can be to have a criminal record expunged. I take all aspects of criminal defense seriously. My personal approach to criminal defense focuses on aggressive advocacy, as well as informative and personalized counsel.

What Can Expungement Do For You?

A criminal record may create difficult and challenging obstacles in many aspects of your life. A criminal record may disqualify many people from obtaining a variety of jobs. A past criminal conviction may get in the may of obtaining housing, or the opportunity to finance a home or vehicle. If you have successfully complied with the terms of your sentence, including probation, you may be able to expunge or clear your criminal record.

If you have a criminal records, whether through a plea or verdict, and have completed the probationary period, California law allows you to file a petition to withdraw the plea or conviction and seek to have it dismissed. I will analyze your individual circumstances . take care of all of the legal paperwork and fight in court on your behalf to expunge your record.

Find Out If You May Qualify For Expungement Today

To set up an appointment with an experienced Tulare expunction lawyer, tell me about your case online, or call me at 559-733-3270 or toll free at 877-669-5712. I maintain regular office hours and will meet with you evenings or weekends upon request. I accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.