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Domestic Violence Convictions Can Change Everything

With the damaging nature and negative social stigma relating to domestic violence convictions, it is vital to your future to consult an experienced lawyer when you have been arrested in connection to a related offense. Whether your charges come following a heated argument or result from fraudulent testimony of an alleged victim, the proper legal counsel can save you thousands of dollars and help you avoid the lasting stigma stemming from a conviction.

I am attorney Eric T. Hamilton. With your best interests always in mind, I work hard to provide aggressive domestic violence defense. With more than 20 years of experience representing clients in Visalia, California, area criminal courts, I possess the insight needed to help you mount a strong defense against your charges.

To schedule a consultation to discuss your specific domestic violence defense concerns, please call 559-733-3270 or toll free at 877-669-5712, or contact my office online.

What Happens After A Domestic Violence Charge?

Throughout my representation, I will work to ensure that the case against you adheres to the policies and guidelines governing domestic violence convictions. If your charges do not qualify for the domestic violence tag, or the evidence against you is weak, I may be able to negotiate a favorable plea with the prosecution or drop your charges altogether.

Of course, if a satisfactory plea seems impossible, I will take your case to court and plead your case before a judge or jury of your peers. Whichever approach you feel most comfortable with, I carry the negotiation skills and courtroom litigation experience needed to help you find results.

Discuss The Future Of Your Domestic Violence Case

Contact 559-733-3270 or toll free at 877-669-5712 to discuss your specific spousal abuse or domestic violence concerns during a judgment consultation. You can also request a case evaluation by sending me a message through my firm’s site.