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Over 20 Years Of Challenging Criminal Charges

At the Law Office of Eric T. Hamilton, in Visalia, California, I have more than 20 years of criminal defense experience. A sole practitioner, I personally handle all matters related to your case, working hard to provide caring and informative counsel. I take a serious approach to all criminal matters, vigorously representing you at every stage of the process. With considerable trial experience, I am never afraid to take your case to court to get the results you seek. Because of my strong reputation, many of my new cases come to me as referrals from clients or from other lawyers.

An Accusation Does Not Make You A Criminal

When you have been charged with a crime, it’s critical to retain an experienced attorney to protect your rights. In my experience, prosecutors often overcharge criminal defendants. Without competent and experienced counsel, you may not realize that the district attorney has overstepped his or her bounds.

I also often remind clients that they have the right to remain silent. The police are not interested in helping you amicably resolve the charges. They may play friendly to get you to talk, but anything you say can, and most likely will, be used against you at a later time.

Fight For A Reduced Sentence, Acquittal Or Expungement

I take the same serious approach with every criminal case I handle, whether you have been charged with drunk driving or drug crimes, or you face prosecution for domestic violence or white collar crime. I protect the rights of juveniles and defend people facing prosecution for serious crimes such as theft or armed robbery, as well as sex offenses. Together we will work to obtain a reduction in charges and penalties or ultimately an acquittal.

If you have completed the terms of your conviction or plea, including probation, I can also help you seek expungement of your criminal record.

Request A Consultation At The Law Office Of Eric T. Hamilton

To schedule an appointment with an experienced Visalia criminal law attorney, contact my office by email, or call me at 559-733-3270 or toll free at 877-669-5712. Your evening and weekend meetings are available upon request. Visa, Mastercard and Discover are welcome.