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I Will Help Put An End To The Custody Battle

Among the most emotional and challenging divorce issues to resolve is child custody. With each parent most likely hoping to spend a large amount of time with the child, child custody disputes can quickly turn into lengthy and expensive battles without the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

I am attorney and father Eric T. Hamilton. I understand the fears and worries you may experience during a divorce. With more than 20 years of legal experience, I strive to offer understanding child custody advice to families throughout the Visalia, California, area. Throughout your child custody proceedings, I work to ensure that the best interests and well-being of your children are upheld, and your rights as a parent are heard.

I Will Give You And Your Children A Voice

While California law often dictates shared custody in many situations, the court does recognize special cases that may alter the amount of time you spend with your children. I will help you express your thoughts and opinions on every matter involved in your dispute and at every stage, giving you the power you deserve to influence your proceedings as you see fit.

Transparency. Efficiency. Experience.

Whether you wish to negotiate an amicable child custody arrangement with your former spouse or require court intervention to resolve your dispute, I take great care to provide the experienced and insightful representation you need to resolve your issues as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Throughout my service to you, I will work to understand your concerns and your goals before providing advice tailored directly to your unique needs.

Fight For Your Relationship With Your Kids And Call Today

Please contact my office online, or call 559-733-3270 or toll free at 877-669-5712 to discuss your child custody and parental rights concerns.