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3 practical ways to avoid DUI charges 

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2021 | DUI

Removing intoxicated drivers from the roads is a top priority for law enforcement in California. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people receive DUIs each year in the state. 

Having a conviction for a DUI offense can result in severe repercussions for your day-to-day life. As a result, it is worth considering some ways to reduce this risk. Outlined below are three practical ways to avoid DUI charges.

1. Use cabs and public transport

Utilizing public transport is often more straightforward and cost-effective than people think. Additionally, in much of California, cab services are available around the clock. Even if you do not know your exact location, apps often work according to GPS, so your physical location can be identified precisely. Not only could using public transport or taking a cab make your night more enjoyable, but it will also ensure that there is no risk of DUI charges. 

2. Utilize your own Breathalyzer kit

Although Breathalyzers may not always be one hundred percent accurate, they are able to give an indication of your blood alcohol content. On the day after drinking on a night out or special occasion, it can be difficult to know exactly when you are safe to drive again. On top of allowing a suitable amount of time to pass, a Breathalyzer kit provides a means of offering further reassurance. 

3. Don’t run the risk in the first place

One of the surest ways to avoid a DUI charge is simply not to run the risk of drinking anything. At times, people may believe it is suitable to drink low alcohol content beverages or only drink small amounts within specified periods. However, there is still a possibility of obtaining a blood alcohol content that is too high this way. It could be in your best interests simply to not drink any alcohol at all. 

A DUI conviction could significantly impact your life. Therefore, it may be beneficial to know some practical ways to negate the risks. Importantly, if you find yourself facing DUI charges in California, you have legal rights to a defense.