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Can you bring legal marijuana into California?

| Oct 8, 2021 | Uncategorized

The public perception of marijuana is certainly not what it used to be. Many states, including California, now have adult-use cannabis that can be purchased and used legally from a dispensary. It’s not just for medical use but also for recreational use. Though the specifics are different, you may think of it as similar to alcohol: It is regulated, but people can buy and use it within those regulations. 

Other states have also set up laws like this. Examples include Michigan and Colorado. More will likely follow in the future, though numerous states do not appear to be getting much closer to legal marijuana. Time will tell. 

So, what if you’re in one of those other states? Can you buy marijuana there and safely bring it back to California if you don’t use it all before you leave? Or, can you take marijuana from California with you on a trip to Colorado or another state with similar laws? After all, it’s legal in both places. 

The federal ban remains 

You cannot cross state lines under the current laws. It doesn’t matter that marijuana is legal in both states. You can’t take it from one to the other, and you could be arrested if you do so. The federal ban on marijuana is still in place, so trying to do this could open you up to federal charges. 

Never assume it’s legal to do anything with marijuana just because it’s legal to buy it here in California. If you do get arrested for a mistake, you need to know what defense options you have.