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Tips for working with a contentious co-parent

| Jun 21, 2021 | Divorce

Co-parenting is often the best child custody option for the children. This doesn’t mean that it’s easy for the parents. Both adults will have to remain committed to working as a parenting team if this arrangement is going to work.

It is possible that conflicts will occur even while the parents work together. These tips might help co-parents resolve their differences quickly and efficiently. When co-parents can get disagreements settled swiftly, the child will likely feel less of an impact than they would if the matters drag on for a long time.

Keep control of yourself

When differences arise, it can be quite easy to lose your temper. In some cases, one parent might do things that they know will invoke a reaction from the other parent. Instead of falling victim to that type of emotional manipulation, take a step back and keep control of your emotions. Don’t let the contentious situation dictate your attitude toward parenting your children.

Review all options

There are sometimes multiple solutions to a co-parenting issue. Try not to become so focused on what you think is the right one that you avoid considering all the options. Think about what’s best for the children and work toward that goal. Compromise is often the most viable path to resolution.

Parents who are going through a divorce should ensure they get the parenting plan in place quickly. This can help to provide the stability that encourages children to thrive. Setting up conflict resolution guidelines in this document is beneficial so you have a plan to follow if things get contentious with the other parent.