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Watch what you post during your divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2021 | Divorce

Did you know that the things you post on social media can be used as evidence in a divorce case?

It’s true, and the same goes for messages you send in email, text, Facebook Messenger or other places. Be very careful about the information you share and think about how it could be interpreted in court if it were dragged in and read to a judge.

Social posts could counter your own statements

One issue is that what you post may run counter to what you say during your case. For instance, there is a relatively famous example of a man posting about his job on his social medial profile, after telling the court that he was unemployed. His dishonesty was exposed. 

But it doesn’t even have to be dishonesty that you’re trying to deal with. Maybe you’re completely honest with the court, but you worry about how things could be interpreted. 

For instance, perhaps you listed that you had a lot of debt and few assets. You were also invited on an expensive vacation by a friend, so you went on the vacation. If you posted pictures from your trip, will your ex — and the court — see them as evidence that you’re spending a lot of money and must have more than you reported? You know that your friend financed the trip by paying thousands of dollars on your behalf, but the perception could still be that you have more assets than you admitted. 

Working through the divorce process

What is true is that limiting what you post online during the divorce process can never hurt. Working with an experienced advocate and talking over these kinds of issues is also wise. During your divorce, it helps to have a good strategy in place.