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Use these 5 tips to get through a conflict-heavy custody dispute

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2021 | Divorce

If you are struggling with a high-conflict custody dispute, there are several tips that could help you manage your situation. From taking the high ground to practicing self-awareness and managing how you respond, there are many steps you can take to get through this.

Though there are dozens of tips to help, these five are some of the best. Try them, and you may see a difference in how you’re able to manage the conflict.

  1. Set boundaries

The first thing to do is to set boundaries. If you are constantly arguing with your ex, it’s time to set specific dates for conversations. Limit when you respond if that’s not possible. If the situation is getting out of control, your attorney can also help you get a court-monitored app for communicating.

  1. Compromise when it’s appropriate to do so

Though you may feel like fighting until you “win” your divorce, it’s better to compromise when you can do so. This will help move your divorce forward, even when it’s contentious.

  1. Have good legal support

Even though you may feel that you can handle much of your divorce on your own, it’s smart to get strong legal support. You’ll know more about what to expect as well as what is or is not allowed by law. Your attorney can help with negotiations and custody arrangements, too.

  1. Stay on topic

While you might want to bring up past offenses out of spite, try not to do so. Stay on topic when you talk to your ex-spouse.

  1. Minimize contact (or get a restraining order)

In some cases, the reality is that one spouse is abusive or threatening. In those cases, you can talk to your attorney about getting a restraining order. If the divorce is particularly contentious but not abusive or threatening, you can still minimize contact to minimize the stress that you feel.

These are five tips to help you get through a conflict-heavy divorce and custody battle. With patience and good legal support, you can get past this struggle and move on to a different life following your divorce.