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Shocking facts about divorces in the U.S.

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2020 | Divorce

For years, couples marrying in California and elsewhere have certain facts and figures pressed into their brain. For the longest time, the divorce rate in the United States was at or around 50%, which caused the possibility of divorce to be in the forefront of one’s mind. Because this rate has been decreasing in the recent years, it is also important to note other facts and figures that have been changing as well.

Facts and figures for U.S. divorces

While the divorce rates have been decreasing, the fact of the matter is that 39% of all marriages are ending in divorce. This is still a large percentages of marriages impacted by divorce, which means that those intending to get married or those currently married should always be wary of divorce.

When looking at the timing of divorce filings, it was found that they peak during the spring and summer. This may be due to convenience and when tax filings for the year are completed. In contrast, November and December are the most uncommon months to file, which is likely associated with the timing of holidays where family and togetherness are emphasized.

Facts about divorced parents

With regards to divorced parents, for mothers with custody of their children, roughly half of them have a child support agreement to receive support. In contrast, roughly 30% of custodial fathers receive child support. It was also determined that five out of six custodial parents are mothers and the average amount of child support received a month was $430.

It should be noted that of those parents that receive child support, less than half actually receive the full amount of child support they are entitled to. Based on current data, more than 30% of child support payments are completely evaded and less than half of all child support obligations are paid in full.

While these facts and figures are only a glimpse at the world of divorce in the nation, it showcases the importance of being prepared for the potential of divorce and addressing concerns regarding child support if children are involved. Those considering divorce or are currently moving forward with the process should understand how best to move forward with their divorce an dhow best to protect their rights.