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What is considered domestic violence?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2020 | Firm News

Domestic violence charges can be serious and alarming. It is helpful to understand what is considered domestic violence and what is included under that definition according to criminal law. Family violence can impact individuals and communities. Those impacted should know that the legal process provides important resources and options for anyone involved in a alleged domestic violence incident.

Domestic violence refers to a variety of behaviors and not only physical violence which is commonly associated with domestic violence. Physical violence that may be considered domestic violence includes hitting, punching, pushing, shoving, kicking, pinching and other types of physical violence. Another type of domestic violence is sexual abuse which includes coerced sexual contact or coerced sex without the victim’s consent. It can also include other types of sexual behavior including sexually demeaning behavior.

In addition, emotional abuse can also be considered domestic abuse. Emotional abuse can be directed at self-esteem and self-worth. Economic abuse is another form of domestic abuse that focuses on creating financial reliance. Psychological abuse that may be considered domestic abuse can involve threats and intimidation. Threats, stalking and cyberstalking can also all be considered domestic violence. Domestic violence is a serious, as are criminal charges for domestic violence.

It is important for anyone involved in domestic violence to understand that the legal process provides resources for anyone impacted by domestic abuse, including criminal defense options. Domestic violence charges may prevent the accused individual from returning home or seeing members of their family which is why it is essential to fully understand what is considered domestic violence and the legal options available in those situations.