Child support modifications can be an important concern for parents paying or receiving child support. The family law process provides a process for requesting a child support modification that parents struggling with child support should be familiar with.

A child support modification may be made in certain circumstances. It is important for parents paying child support or those receiving child support to know what those circumstances may include. Child support may be modified based on a significant change in circumstances. Because parents will be required to provide the significant change in circumstances occasioning the child support modification, it is important that they know how to document their significant change in circumstances.

Parents requesting a child support modification should also know what may be considered a significant change in circumstances. A significant change in circumstances can include a job loss or change of job, parental relocation or if one of the parents remarries. A significant change in the child’s circumstances may also occasion a child support modification. Parents need to remember to follow any existing child support agreement until the family law court has made any changes official. They can also work together to make changes, if they are able, that can be approved by the family law court.

Whenever a parent is having difficulty paying child support, they should continue to pay according to the existing child support agreement until a modification is granted. They should also promptly request a child support modification and be prepared to demonstrate a need for one from the family law court.