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Virtual Visitation for Dispersed Families

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2020 | Firm News

Divorce or separation may mean splitting a single California household into two. When parents end their relationship, their kids may be forced to accept having two homes and two different experiences when under the care of each parent. However, not all parents are able to share custody of their children in a manner that allows each to have face-to-face time with their kids. Work commitments, interstate moves, and other circumstances may create actual physical barriers between parents and their children.

When parents cannot spend time in the same physical space with their kids they may benefit from incorporating virtual visitation into their custody and visitation plans. Virtual visitation is protected time between a parent and child that is experienced through virtual means. Virtual visitation may involve FaceTime or other forms of video chatting. It may include phone calls or texts. Virtual visitation can look different for different families but has the goal of helping parents stay connected to their kids.

Parents who interfere with the virtual visitation time their kids share with their other parents may be subject to sanctions for their actions. Like standard forms of in-person visitation, virtual visitation is an important way for parents and children to protect their relationships despite divorce or separation.

Not all families or divorce cases may be well-suited for the incorporation of virtual visitation provisions. Parents who are concerned about what divorce or separation may do to their relationships with their kids may wish to contact their trusted family law attorneys. Their post-divorce needs may be better served through the perusal of other custody or visitation-based plans and as with all posts on this blog, the content of this article provides no legal advice.