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Transportation of marijuana is not a crime limited to smugglers and traffickers. Even a small amount of marijuana can lead to a charge for transportation. If you have been arrested for transportation of marijuana, you want an attorney who understands the law and can ensure that your rights are protected at every stage of the process.

At the Law Office of Eric T. Hamilton , I possess more than 10 years of experience as a Visalia marijuana transportation lawyer. As a sole practitioner, I will work directly with you to make sure that you understand your options and your defense. I am dedicated to providing you with vigorous advocacy and skilled counsel throughout your case.

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Transportation of Marijuana Charges

In California, it is illegal to transport, attempt to transport or even offer to transport marijuana. the penalties you face will depend on the amount of marijuana involved and whether you have had any previous criminal convictions. For example, a charge for transporting less than 28.5 grams of marijuana is a misdemeanor offense that will result in a $100 fine. If you have more than 28.5 grams, however, you could face two to four years in state prison.

As your attorney, I will work to have the transportation charges dismissed or the penalties reduced in your case. I have experience handling complex trafficking, transportation and smuggling cases, including search and seizure issues. I will be your advocate, standing up for your rights and defending your interests.

Medical Marijuana

Under California law, patients or caregivers who are prescribed marijuana for medicinal purposes can carry up to eight ounces of marijuana or six to 12 immature plants. However, the federal government has recently cracked down on dispensaries and medical marijuana users. Selling, using or transporting marijuana is still illegal under federal law.

The laws regarding marijuana use and transportation are rapidly evolving and changing. I can advise you on your rights and defend you from drug charges stemming from medical marijuana.

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