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Recently, the federal government and the Justice Department have been cracking down on marijuana dispensaries. With the legal landscape around dispensaries and medical marijuana use constantly changing and evolving, you want an attorney who can provide you with strategic defense and knowledgeable advice.

At the Law Office of Eric T. Hamilton , I have more than 10 years of experience representing clients who have been charged with drug crimes in California. As an experienced Visalia marijuana dispensary defense attorney, I am dedicated to staying up-to-date on recent changes to the laws affecting dispensaries. As a sole practitioner, I will work directly with you to make sure your rights, as an individual and as a business owner, are protected.

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Medical Marijuana and Dispensaries

Under California's Compassionate Use Act, people with a doctor's recommendation can use and grow marijuana for medicinal purposes. The Act also allows for collectives, dispensaries or cooperatives to operate to dispense and cultivate medical marijuana to patients and caregivers. However, these dispensaries must follow very specific and strict legal guidelines in order to shield themselves from criminal prosecution for a drug crime such as the sale or transport of marijuana.

Recent Enforcement of Federal Drug Laws

While medical marijuana is permissible to some degree under state law, it has always been illegal under federal law. The Justice Department has recently cracked down on dispensaries in California. Landlords have received letters demanding that they evict dispensaries from their properties. Likewise, banks that hold mortgages on dispensary-owned property have been requested to evict dispensaries. The IRS has also been demanding back taxes from cannabis dispensaries who took business deductions in previous years.

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The law regarding medical marijuana and dispensaries is rapidly changing and evolving. If you have been charged with a drug crime in relation to your dispensary, I can provide you with a vigorous defense.

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